A Smile Changes The Whole Story - Crest prints

You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. So how about we smile more. If there is an opportunity to end a sentence with a smile, always end it with a smile : )

Nike - Better for It

Such an honest ad from Nike Women. It's not easy. Really I do know it's not but when you get at "the finish line" after embracing all that pain it's just.. how shall I say this? It's ahm it's perfect :)

Grinders (2014) "TRAILER" - To all the Peter Pan's out there


"We're here we skate. Get used to it."

Grinders (2014) "TRAILER" from Nick Genova on Vimeo.

Winner of the top prize (Best Overall) for Converse and Kingshit Magazine's "Connect the Dots" 2014 competition.

'Grinders' is a fake trailer that explores the world's perception of skateboarders. For many people in the "real world", a skateboard is nothing but a useless wooden toy, something that gets thrown away when you grow up. This film is for the misunderstood people who never threw it away.

Connect the Dots is an international skate-film/photography competition which takes place during the month of July. Teams of up to 10 skaters/filmers have 30 days to film a 5 minute creative film, as well as submit 10 photos to Kingshit Magazine. In 2014 the competition was opened up to the United States and prize money was doubled from $5,000 to $10,000. For the Third year in a row Nick Genova and his team took the top prize.

Dialdirect – The Notebook

If there is something we would love to be able to buy is time, time spend with our dearest ones. I wish I could take off some weight of the shoulders of people. Unfortunately I cannot and therefore watching this I got chills. So next time someone doesn't have time for you get creative :)